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About Austin & Ally

Austin & Ally is an American sitcom which first aired on the Disney Channel on December 2, 2011. The series was created by Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert, the writers and producers of the Disney Channel sitcoms Sonny with a Chance and Jonas. Production for the pilot episode began in mid-February 2011, and on May 24, 2011, the Disney Channel announced that Austin & Ally had been picked up as a series. They initially ordered 13 episodes, though that number was later increased to 21. The first promo for the series was released on October 2011, during the Disney Channel's Make Your Mark: The Ultimate Dance-Off event. A series preview followed the premiere of the Disney Channel Original Movie, Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!, and the series officially premiered on December 4, 2011. The show has been renewed for a second season, and has resumed production as of the summer of 2012.

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Featured Character


Allyson "Ally" Dawson is a 16-year-old talented, aspiring singer/songwriter who had severe stage fright. She wrote the hit song, "Double Take", that Austin performed in the episode Rockers & Writers, which made him famous. Ally is best friends with Trish, Austin, and also Dez. She has always had a passion for music and feels that there's no better way to express what you're feeling. She's a sweet girl and always tries her best to not hurt anyone's feelings. She is now dating Austin. Ally is portrayed by Laura Marano in the series and ArianaGrandeForever in the Austin & Ally Roleplaying Wiki.

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