The Austin & Ally Roleplaying Wiki is a roleplaying wiki all about Austin & Ally, the Disney Channel original series.

What can I do on this wiki?Edit

You can roleplay canon characters featured in Austin & Ally, or original characters that are friends with Austin or Ally (but is never shown in-show).

How can I create a character?Edit

You can create a character on Forum:Claim Characters.

An admin claimed my character. What should I do now?Edit

You should create your character page that tells information about your character. For an example character page, see Dorothy Lanston.

How do I roleplay with other characters?Edit

You can roleplay with other characters by creating a word bubble in order to interact with other characters. For a sample word bubble, see Template:Dorothy.

To roleplay with them, simply post {{<name of character>|<message>}} on the comment part of a character page.

How can I become an admin?Edit

You may become an admin if you prove yourself to be helpful to users and an active user of the Austin & Ally Roleplaying Wiki.

I lost interest in roleplaying my character. What should I do?Edit

You can mark your character inactive by typing {{Inactive}} on the character page. Once the character is inactive, the character cannot roleplay with other characters anymore.