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The Austin & Ally Roleplaying Wiki policies are expected to be followed. If a user breaks a rule, he/she may be blocked, depending on the rule break.

Editing policiesEdit

  1. You must treat every user with kindness and respect.
  2. You must not post mature content. Young children watch Austin & Ally and may come on this wiki.
  3. Do not join the wiki without being 13 or older or not following a standard of writing expected from a young adult.
  4. Do not publish edits such as rewording sentences, taking periods off pages and putting them back on, adding extra punctuations, taking off information then putting it back on, and/or adding the same information in different ways. They are considered unacceptable edits if it is to gain edits, badges, and/or points.
  5. Do not edit other user pages besides your own (unless the user gives you permission to).

Roleplaying policiesEdit

  1. Do not create a character or location page without having it claimed on Forum:Claim Characters or Forum:Claim Location.
  2. Characters may not have the same face claim unless both users agree to it and there are discernible ways to tell the two characters apart.
  3. Users who do not make their character pages within one week of the claimed form will lose their right to that face claim. They can, however, resubmit a character form or reply again on their existing form to reclaim that face claim if no other user has.
  4. Users may let characters date one another, as dating and kissing has been shown on Austin & Ally, but they must not have sexual relationships.
  5. Users must write sufficient information on character pages as blank or stub pages will be deleted.

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